Table 2

Association of coagulopathy and injury severity with Stasys values

Coefficient (β)CIP value
International normalized ratio
 Cumulative platelet contractile force−942.38−1620.09 to −246.460.05*
 Maximum platelet contractile force−176.74−351.34 to −2.130.05*
 Cumulative clot area−0.21−0.54 to 0.120.21
 Maximum clot area−0.11−0.21 to −0.020.02*
Injury Severity Score
 Cumulative platelet contractile force−19266.21−75543.1 to −18485.200.01*
 Maximum platelet contractile force−2.03−4.21 to 0.150.07
 Cumulative clot area−25.22−51.36 to −0.920.06
 Maximum clot area0.01−0.01 to 0.010.38
  • Data were compared uing simple linear regression and were reported with the corresponding coefficient, or β-value, CI, and p value.

  • *Indicates statistically significant findings of p≤0.05.