Table 1

Study patients’ characteristics

Not colonized
Females (%)49(24.1%)7(17.9%)0.401
Age at ICU admission (median, IQR)40(27.6,58)38(28.4,52.9)0.338
Body mass index on admission (kg/m2)25.3(4.1)26.4(4.1)0.137
Medical history
Known active malignancy (%)3(1.5%)2(5.1%)0.142
Hemodialysis prior to ICU admission2(1.0%)0(0.0%)0.534
Diabetes mellitus12(5.9%)1(2.6%)0.396
Chronic lung disease1(0.5%)0(0.0%)0.661
Chronic treatment with glucocorticoids prior to ICU admission2(1.0%)0(0.0%)0.534
Chronic treatment with other immunomodulatory medications prior to ICU admission1(0.5%)0(0.0%)0.661
Charlson comorbidity index3.9(2.6)3.4(2.2)0.218
Clinical characteristics on admission
Percent of total body surface area involved (median, IQR)25(18,40)40(25, 62)0.002
Facial burn involvement (%)124(61.1%)27(69.2%)0.336
Inhalation injury (%)62(30.5%)14(35.9%)0.509
Intubated before admission to the ICU (%)161(79.3%)32(82.1%)0.696
Admitted to the ICU on vasoactive medications34(16.7%)19(48.7%)<0.001
Platelets x1000/µL (SD)278.2(126.2)319.7(151.7)0.115
Bilirubin mg/dL (SD)0.6(1.0)0.7(0.7)0.674
Mean arterial pressure mm Hg (SD)93.4(19.4)84.1(19.4)0.007
Serum creatinine mg/dL (SD)1.0(0.7)1.2(0.9)0.103
Sequential organ failure assessment score (SD)1.6(1.3)2.5(1.7)<0.001
Clinical course
Surgical debridement (%)139(68.5%)31(79.5%)0.168
Time to surgical debridement (median, IQR)13(3,21)12(4, 18)
Skin grafting (%)120(59.1%)25(64.1%)0.560
Time to skin grafting (median, IQR)15(4,24)15(4, 21)
  • The baseline characteristics of patients included in the final analysis are presented. All grafts implanted were skin grafts. Only surgical debridement in an operating theater was recorded.

  • p values below 0.05 are bolded.

  • ICU, intensive care unit.