Table 2

Injury characteristics and healthcare service of study participants included in the RTW study, Addis Ababa, (n=254)

Mechanism of injuryRoad traffic collision10441
Violence (assault and bullet)6124
Contact with external forces3514
Burn and electrification62
Types of injuryFracture12248
Traumatic brain injury7128
Soft tissue injury5020
Crush and amputation83
Dislocation, strain and sprain31
Body parts injuredHead and face8031
Lower extremities7630
Upper extremities5923
Spin and pelvic156
Unspecified body region135
Chest, trunk and internal organs114
Number of body parts injuredMultiple body parts6425
One body part19075
Work-relatedness of the injuryWork-related16665
Not work-related8835
Time from injury to admission, n=237On the same day14762
After a day and beyond9038
Length of hospital admissionOne week13252
One month7630
More than 1 month4618
Hospital revisits (count), n=251One to six revisits15361
More than six revisits5723
Have no revisit4116
  • RTW, return to work.