Table 1

Predictors of 100% futility using the Suspension of Transfusions and Other Procedures (STOP) criteria

STOP criteria for 100% futilityPPVNPV
Arrival SBP ≤50 mm Hg and LY-30 ≥30%100%78%
Arrival SBP ≤50 mm Hg and lactate ≥15100%77%
Arrival SBP ≤70 mm Hg, lactate ≥15, and LY-30 ≥30%100%77%
ROSC and lactate ≥12100%78%
ROSC and LY-30 ≥30%100%76%
ROSC and field GCS of 3100%77%
  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; LY-30, percent amplitude reduction of the clot at 30 min after maximal amplitude achieved, reflecting the degree of fibrinolysis; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value; ROSC, return of spontaneous circulation; SBP, systolic blood pressure.