Table 2

Futility cut-off points for children and adolescents

Suspension of Transfusions and Other Procedures criteria for 100% futilityPPVNPV
Arrival pH ≤7.00 and INR ≥2.0100%58%
Arrival base deficit ≥20 and INR ≥2.0100%55%
Arrival pH ≤7.05 and LY-30 ≥20%100%56%
Arrival base deficit ≥12 and LY-30 ≥20%100%70%
TBI and INR ≥2.0100%63%
TBI and LY-30 ≥20%100%89%
  • INR, international normalized ratio; LY-30, percent amplitude reduction of the clot at 30 min after maximal amplitude achieved, reflecting the degree of fibrinolysis; NPV, negative predictive value; pH, potential of hydrogen; PPV, positive predictive value; TBI, traumatic brain injury.