Table 1

Selection of English language case reports in the 20th century that describe ‘traumatic appendicitis’

YearStudyAgeSexType of traumaTime interval (trauma to diagnosis)
2002Ramesh et al611MBicycle handlebar2 days
2002Hagger et al760MFall from ladder3 days
2009Amir et al810MBlunt perineal trauma2 hours
2009Derr and Goldner941MCliff dive2 days
2010Attala et al1053MStruck by car door7 hours
2010Toumi et al1111MTrampoline accident3 days
2013Goldman et al1211MWrestling<24 hours
2013Bouassria et al1324MStabbing24 hours
2012Paschos et al1417FBicycle handlebar24 hours
2014Ahmed et al1512MCorner of a table2 days
2017Cobb1617MRTC24 hours
2017Khilji et al1743MRTC<24 hours
2020Zvizdic et al187MHorse hoof17 hours
2021Toffaha et al1935MCamel kick2 days
2021Chalh et al208MFall playing soccer24 hours
2022Salinas-Castro et al2114FSoccer ball6 hours
  • F, female; M, male; RTC, road traffic collision.