Table 3

Odds of PRBC* transfusion during hospitalization

OR95% CI
TXA+ index orthopedic/spine case†2.5041.654 to 3.790
TXA+ index orthopedic/spine case‡2.1751.246 to 3.797
Proximal fracture site‡4.4311.855 to 10.585
Damage control surgery‡ (admission)0.7590.298 to 1.934
Tourniquet use index case‡0.9940.405 to 2.440
Total number of surgeries/admission‡6.4223.428 to 12.033
Admission Hb‡0.6030.515 to 0.707
  • *PRBC transfusion represented as a binary variable for analysis.

  • †Univariate analysis.

  • ‡Multivariate logistic regression.

  • Hb, hemoglobin; PRBC, packed red blood cell; TXA, tranexamic acid.