Table 4

Proportions of failed cervical collar clearance by MRI and FE results

MRI normalMRI abnormal
FE normal12/34 (35.3%)8/21 (38.1%)
FE abnormal2/3 (66.7%)7/9 (77.8%)
MRI onlyMRI+FETotal
Removed17 (41.5%)38 (56.7%)55
Not removed24 (58.5%)29 (43.3%)53
  • Distribution of patients with cervical collar remaining at discharge or greater than 48 hours after MRI and/or FE radiographic imaging. Fractions were expressed as patients with failed cervical collar clearance divided by total subgroup population. An “Abnormal” result was defined as a bony and/or ligamentous injury detected on imaging. P value for χ2 analysis of collar removal was 0.124.

  • FE, flexion-extension.