Table 3

Benzodiazepine dosing and metabolism for AWS

DrugRoutesOnset (min)PO dosing for AWSIV dosing for AWSHalf-life (hours)Metabolism
DiazepamPO, intravenous, IM, rectalIV: 2–510 mg 3–4 times per day5–10 mg every 10–15 min43Liver
ChlordiazepoxidePO, intravenous, IMPO: 30–12050–100 mg, repeated up to 300 mg in 24 hoursNA10Liver
LorazepamPO, intravenous, IMIV: 15–202–4 mg q 1 hour1–4 mg every 5–15 min14Liver
  • AWS, alcohol withdrawal syndrome; IM, intramuscular; PO, oral.