Table 2

Univariate associations with FICB by time from arrival to hip fracture surgery

Covariate, %Surgery ≤24 hoursSurgery >24 hours
FICB (n=290)No FICB (n=123)P valueFICB (n=109)No FICB (n=34)P value
 Age ≥75 years62.4%69.1%0.1959.6%55.9%0.70
 ISS >928.6%32.0%0.5024.8%26.5%0.84
 White race89.3%87.8%0.6678.9%70.6%0.32
 Fall cause of injury95.9%93.5%0.3196.3%94.1%0.63
 Comorbidity present80.0%84.6%0.2889.8%91.2%1.00
 Pre-existing cognitive impairment7.2%11.4%0.1723.9%20.6%0.69
 ASA score ≥367.6%73.2%0.2672.5%76.5%0.65
Surgical information
 Hip fracture of the head or neck48.8%59.5%0.0765.4%78.8%0.18
 Surgical replacement35.9%35.8%0.9852.8%61.8%0.37
 General anesthesia82.1%92.7% 0.005 70.6%67.7%0.74
 Hours to surgery, median16.314.4 0.03
 Hours in surgery, median0.
Unadjusted outcomes
 Delirium within 48 hours6.2%5.7%0.8411.0%2.9%0.30
 Preoperative pain, mean3.84.8 <0.001
 Postoperative pain, mean3.
 Preoperative OME, median25.027.00.6939.551.30.06
 Postoperative OME, median37.530.00.843531.80.80
  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiology; FICB, fascia iliac compartment block; ISS, injury severity score; OME, oral morphine equivalent.