Table 1

Patient demographic characteristics

n=84* (mean±SD)
Whipstitch closure
n=55* (mean±SD)
P value
Sex (male), n (%)67 (81.7)45 (81.8)0.987
Duration of TAC placement (hours)†95.3 (319.6)30.45 (28.9)<0.001
Mechanism of injury (%)0.687
 Penetrating17 (20.2)13 (23.6)
 Blunt65 (77.4)42 (76.4)
Number of laparotomies4.3±2.93.5±2.30.090
Indication for using TAC in first OA
 Diffuse ooze that was packed20 (23.8)a27 (49.1)<0.001
 Questionable intestinal viability/intestinal anastomosis/delayed anastomosis and wanted a second look19 (22.6)a19 (22.6)a
 Inability to approximate fascia due to edema19 (22.6)b0
 Patient was unstable22 (26.2)a12 (21.8)
 Poor prognosis, not expected to survive2 (2.4)a4 (7.3)
  • Values with different superscripts in a row are significantly different using post-hoc comparisons with Holm-Bonferroni correction.

  • *n denotes each application of TAC as a separate event.

  • †Non-parametric test summarized as median±IQR.

  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; BMI, body mass index; ISS, Injury Severity Score; OA, open abdomen; TAC, temporary abdominal closure.