Table 1

Demographics of UTHSCSA trauma patients

Total (n=100)ISS<10 (n=63)ISS=10–20 (n=19)ISS>20 (n=18)
Age (years)39 (18–84)39 (18–77)43 (19–74)34 (19–84)
Male gender (%)79758489
Race (%)
 White race45435739
 Hispanic race49523255
 Black race65116
Type of injury (%)
 Blunt mechanism87877994
  Pedestrian struck1617022
Pre-hospital intubation (%)1453233
Blood transfusion (%)
Mortality (%)40517
Total hospital stay (days)6 (1–46)4 (1–46)8 (1–34)10 (1–34)
Total ICU stay (days)2 (0–26)0.3 (0–10)4 (0–19)7 (0–26)
  • Data of age, total hospital stay and total ICU stay are presented as mean (range), others are shown as %.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; ISS, injury severity score; MVC, motor vehicle crash; RBC, red blood cell; UTHSCSA, University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio.