Table 4

Significant associations between demographic and clinical characteristics and alcohol and drug use comorbidities

Comorbidity and variablesOR95% CI
Tobacco Use2.011.37 to 2.96
Preinjury unemployment0.670.48 to 0.93
Preinjury unemployment2.091.26 to 3.47
Female0.400.22 to 0.72
Age0.960.94 to 0.98
Non-white race0.240.12 to 0.48
Tobacco use1.951.33 to 2.84
Not married1.891.19 to 3.02
Preinjury unemployment1.841.29 to 2.62
Intentional Injury1.801.24 to 2.62
Age0.980.96 to 0.99
Tobacco use1.521.06 to 2.19
Intentional injury1.731.24 to 2.40
Age0.960.94 to 0.97
At least some college0.590.40 to 0.87
Injury severity score0.980.97 to 0.99
  • All variables presented are statistically significant with p<0.05.