Table 2

Description of patient injuries, including a description of the IVC injury

PatientInjury burdenIVC injury description
1Right colectomy, mesenteric injury, SBR, embolization of the proximal SMA and ileocolic artery.Suture line on the right lateral wall of the infrarenal IVC performed at OSH.
2Aorta-caval fistula (stent), Gr 5 renal (nephrectomy), Gr 3 D2 injury ×2, SBR.Nickel-size anterior hole extending inferior toward the renal hilum; 3–0 Prolene running.
3Gr 3 D3 ×2 (primary), Gr 2 gastric greater curve (primary), G1 colon (right hemicolectomy), frx: L4.1 cm anterior and 1 cm posterior infrarenal injury; 4–0 Prolene running.
4SBR ×2, ileocolic mesenteric injury ×5, ilium frx.2 cm proximal to the iliac confluence; single 5–0 Prolene figure 8.
5Gr 4 liver, Gr 2 right renal, Gr 3 left renal, HTX, frx: L2 TP, olecranon, alar.2 cm lateral longitudinal near renal vein; 4–0 Prolene running and 2 figure 8 reinforcement.
6Renal laceration, lumbar artery coil, PSA a embolize, PPTX, and contusion, frx: 4/5 rib, clavicle, L2–L4 TP, Le Fort 3, bilateral upper extremitiesIVC not repaired.
7Small bowel injury ×4 (SBR ×2), frx: humerus.Infrarenal anterior longitudinal 2.5 cm and lateral 1.5 cm; 4–0 running <10% diameter loss.
84 cm transverse D1 and 2 cm anterior D2 (both primarily), pancreas (drain), liver, renal hematoma.2–3 cm longitudinal anterior infrarenal injury; 3–0 running Prolene slight narrowing.
9Liver, superior/lateral pancreas, duodenal ×2 (primary), pyloric exclusion, cholecystectomy, mid-jejunum (SBR multiple), right colon (colostomy), frx: L1/L2 (incomplete paraplegia), ulnar/radial, iliac.Infrarenal injuries (×3): posterior injury longitudinal and linear, lateral injury, anterior injury that was extended; 4–0 Prolene.
10Pancreas (drained), posterior duodenum (primarily) right hemicolectomy (mesenteric hematoma).2 cm lateral; 4–0 Prolene interrupted, then second layer of 4–0 Prolene running.
11Liver (segments 4 and 5), pancreas (uncinate), CBD (T-tube), colon (right hemicolectomy), frx: femur, L3.3 cm defect anteromedially; 5–0 Prolene with significant stenosis.
12D3 ×2 (primary), SBR (multiple), mesenteric injury.Infrarenal extends to the iliac; running Prolene, reinforced with interrupted.
13Gr 1 spleen, Gr 1 liver, right pulmonary contusion.IVC not repaired.
143 liver lacerations, branch of right hepatic artery (requiring IR embolization).2 mm anterior injury at the renal hilum junction; 4–0 Prolene figure 8.
15Aorta-caval fistula (repair, stent, repair), D2 ×2 (primary), PTX.Infrahepatic requiring venopulmonary artery bypass; 2 4–0 Prolene with pledgets.
16Liver, gastric (greater curve, posterior) (primary), pancreatic head (drained), cholecystectomy, L3 partial hemiplegia.Anterior and inferior posterior injury; 5–0 Prolene longitudinally, lost two-thirds diameter.
17Gastric ×2 (gastric wedge, ultimately gastrojejunostomy and pyloric exclusion), duodenum ×2 (initially primary repair), transverse colon resection, Gr 1 liver, L3 (unstable).3 cm medial injury few centimeters inferior to the renal vein involving 50% circumference; 3–0 Prolene running with narrowing that was unavoidable.
18Cecal and TI injury resulting in completion right hemicolectomy with right ileocolonic anastomosis.Infrarenal lateral and posterior injuries; 3–0 Prolene whip stitch.
19Gr 3 liver, transected gallbladder (cholecystecotmy), 2 cm lateral D2 (primary), Gr 1 bilateral kidney.Infrahepatic 1.5 cm anterior; 4–0 running Prolene with 5–0 interrupted Prolene.
20Small bowel (SBR), mesenteric injury, transected ureter (PCN).Infrarenal 3 cm anterior injury; double running with 40% loss in diameter.
21Gr 3 D3 and D4 anterior and posterior duodenal (primary), renal pseudoaneurysm ×2 IR, mesenteric.Infrarenal right side 7 o’clock 1 cm and left side 3 o’clock 2 cm, double venorrhaphy.
22Gr 5 pancreas and distal pancreas (drains/stent), partial hepatectomy, cholecystectomy, severed GDA, transect renal artery and vein.4 cm medial suprarenal with possible renal artery; 4–0 Prolene running without narrowing.
23Small bowel injury (SBR), renal hematoma, L4/L5 (ASIA-B), right 12th rib.IVC not repaired.
24Liver, portal vein, pancreatic neck (distal pancreatectomy), splenectomy, nephrectomy, lumbar artery embolize, frx: L2/L3 TP, tibia/fibula, iliac wing.Juxtarenal; 3–0 Prolene running without narrowing.
25Nephrectomy, pancreas head (drain), colon splenic flexure (ostomy), adrenal, lumbar artery, frx: femur, tibia.Infrarenal lateral through and through; 4–0 Prolene with some narrowing.
2685% infrarenal aortic (shunt/repair), jejunum (SBR), right tibial/peroneal artery, iliac wing frx.Lateral infrarenal hole; running Prolene.
  • ASIA, American Spinal Injury Association; BLUE, bilateral upper extremities; CBD, common bile duct; chole, cholecystectomy; D, duodenum; frx, fracture; GDA, gastroduodenal artery; Gr, grade; HTX, hemothorax; IR, interventional radiology; IVC, inferior vena cava; OSH, outside hospital; PCN, percutaneous nephrostomy; PSA, posterior superior alveolar; PTX, pneumothorax; SBR, small bowel resection; SMA, superior mesenteric artery; TI, terminal ileum; TP, transverse process.