Table 5

Representative quotes about theme 3: outpatient care coordination

Quote 1Patient 10“Just the medication issues is the biggest issue I’ve had, because they issue you the medications and some of them, even the doctor told me I have to take for life. And maybe that falls on my doctor. I don’t know? But nobody’s been on the ball with making sure that my medications are refilled.”
Quote 2Nurse practitioner 1“And I think, also, if they don’t have a primary care physician or their funding isn’t very good, then they don’t really have anyone that they’re going to follow-up with and say they don’t need to necessarily come to the trauma clinic whole lot, then they’re kind of lost. They don't really have anyone taking responsibility for them. So I think that is a huge concern of patients and we can’t always set that stuff up for them.”
Quote 3Patient 5“I went home the same way I came. I’m still injured. I ain’t had no surgery so I’m still in the same way I was when.”
Quote 4Attending 1“Some people aren’t going to go get the pain medicine that you order them because of cost or because they don’t have the insurance. Little things like that, that catch you off guard. And you feel like you maybe let the patient down. Because you intended one thing to happen and it didn’t, for very reasonable reasons. But then you just were unaware and then they went through a different or difficult path, that we were trying to avoid. So, that’s been eye-opening.”
Quote 5Attending 2“I discharged her and then I saw her in clinic two weeks later and she was still in her thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO) brace and had neither her ortho nor her spine follow-up set up. And her dad was super on top of everything. He had made like a million phone calls and it was all an insurance authorization issue, but it dragged out for literally months and she was in a TLSO and couldn’t get her MRI because of insurance. I mean, it was total insanity.”
Quote 6Attending 2“It’s especially awkward because I’m not in the outpatient environment very much and so I don’t navigate it very well. So, I’m not very well equipped to help or to understand some of these issues.”
  • TLSO, thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis brace.