Table 5

Univariate analysis of variables of interest in association with knowledge score

VariableCoefficient95% CIP value
Age−0.22−0.45 to −0.010.065
Country income level0.530.20 to 0.860.002*
English reading comprehension0.350.12 to 0.580.003*
Translation quality−0.19−0.39 to 0.000.047
Frequency of unanswerable clinical questions−0.02−0.23 to 0.190.85
Frequency of uncertainty regarding clinical practice−0.08−0.28 to −0.120.42
Access to effective resources−0.09−0.35 to 0.170.49
Number of years in practice−0.18−0.35 to 0.000.051
Zone (urban, suburban, rural)0.09−0.21 to 0.380.56
Hospital type (public, private)−0.51−0.91 to −0.110.013
Hospital size0.16−0.040 to 0.350.12
Number of patients seen weekly0.05−0.13 to 0.220.61
Reported ability to interpret and apply evidence to clinical practice−0.32−0.58 to −0.070.014*
  • *Meets statistical significance.