Table 3

Comparative table showing the outcome variables between both groups

ERAS group
Standard recovery group
P value
Remove NG tube (days)1.1±0.12.2±0.9<0.01
Remove catheter (days)1.1±0.13.5±1.6<0.01
Remove drains (days)1.0±0.23.7±1.6<0.01
Initiate liquids (days)1.1±0.12.3±1.0<0.01
Initiate solids (days)2.1±0.13.6±1.3<0.01
Time to flatus (days)2.0±0.91.6±0.60.06
Time to defecation (days)2.4±1.02.1±0.90.15
Pain at 24 hours3.7±1.53.8±0.90.54
Pain at 48 hours3.2±1.03.2±1.10.87
Epidural analgesia (n) (%)19 (63)9 (30)0.01
NSAID (n) (%)28 (93)20 (67)0.02
DVT prophylaxis (n) (%)30 (100)21 (70)<0.01
Duration of hospital stay (days)3.3±1.35.0±1.7<0.01
30-day readmission (n) (%)02 (7)03 (10)0.99
Complication rate (n) (%)08 (27)07 (23)0.99
  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ERAS, enhanced recovery after surgery; NG, nasogastric; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.