Table 6

Vascular injuries

Quadrant of injuryMajor bleedingVessel injuredManagement
Not recordedYesBranch of the right inferior gluteal artery.Embolization.
LIYesArterial bleeding within the left bulbocavernosus muscle, arterial bleeding within the left obturator externus muscle, extending into the left prostate peripheral/central zone.
Arterial/venous bleeding into the rectal lumen.
LIYesRight internal pudendal artery.Conservative.
Not recordedNoIntramuscular branch (gluteal).Conservative.
UONoIntramuscular branch (gluteal).Conservative.
UONoBranch of the right superior gluteal artery.Embolization.
LO+LINoActive venous and arterial bleeding from the small branches of the left deep artery and vein of the thigh.Embolization.
LINoBleeding from profunda femoris+arteriovenous fistula.Embolization+endovascular repair of arteriovenous fistula.
LONoIntramuscular branch (gluteal).Conservative.
UI+LONoSmall branch of profunda femoris.Conservative.
LONoBranch of the left superior gluteal artery.Conservative.
UO+LINoIntramuscular branch (gluteal).Conservative.
UONoPerforating gluteal artery.Conservative.
  • LI, lower inner; LO, lower outer; UI, upper inner; UO, upper outer.