Table 1

Summary of all reported injuries

CXRElevated appearance of the aortic knob likely reflecting tortuosity as the margins appear well defined; lungs and pleural spaces are grossly clear; no displaced fractures; no subcutaneous gas or radiopaque foreign body.
CT of the head
  1. Left subdural hematoma causing mild subfalcine herniation toward the right bilateral subarachnoid hemorrhage and bifrontal cerebral contusions, extensive pneumocephalus.

  2. Multiple mid-face fractures including left zygomaticomaxillary complex, bilateral frontal bone fractures involving anterior and posterior tables, bilateral anterior nasal spines, and bilateral anterior and lateral maxillary wall fractures; no ocular injury.

CT of the chest
  1. Air is present in the right ventricle and within the main pulmonary artery, a risk for air embolism.

  2. Non-displaced left anterior fourth and seventh rib fractures, minimally displaced left anterolateral fifth and sixth rib fractures, no right-sided rib fractures.

  • CXR, chest X-ray.