Table 4

TR patient characteristics before and after pit stop implementation

TR before pit stopTR after pit stopP value
Mean age52.5±25.659.9±26<0.001
Males (%)189 (59)259 (55)0.191
Mortality (%)3 (1)7 (1.5)0.543
Mean LOS* (days)3.7±3.44.7±2.90.0423
Discharged from ED (%)221 (70)346 (73)0.2846
Mean door to physician evaluation (min)6.9±10.78.6±16.70.1084
Mean door to CT scan (min)67.7±34.650.0±59.9<0.001
  • Bold values indicate statistical signficance.

  • *Calculation applies only to admitted patients.

  • ED, emergency department; LOS, length of stay; TR, trauma resource.