Table 3

Results of regression model using the complication in question as the dependent variable and the admission year as the predictor

Corrected modelUnivariate model
OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Acute renal failure0.970.96 to 0.97<0.010.930.93 to 0.94<0.01
ARDS0.890.88 to 0.89<0.010.850.84 to 0.85<0.01
Cardiac arrest with CPR0.890.88 to 0.89<0.010.990.99 to 0.99<0.01
Deep SSI1.081.07 to 1.10< to 1.10<0.01
DVT/thrombophlebitis1.091.08 to 1.09<0.010.960.96 to 0.96<0.01
Myocardial infarction0.970.97 to 0.98<0.010.950.94 to 0.95<0.01
Organ/space SSI0.970.97 to 0.98<0.010.870.86 to 0.87<0.01
Pneumonia0.970.97 to 0.98<0.010.860.86 to 0.87<0.01
Pulmonary embolism0.970.96 to 0.97<0.010.960.95 to 0.96<0.01
Stroke/CVA1.011.01 to 1.02< to 1.05<0.01
Superficial SSI0.970.97 to 0.97<0.010.950.94 to 0.95<0.01
Systemic sepsis0.670.67 to 0.68<0.010.710.70 to 0.72<0.01
  • Data are presented as OR with 95% CI and p values.

  • The multivariate model was controlled for confounders, including age, gender, injury severity, and Glasgow Coma Scale scores.

  • ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; DVT, deep venous thrombosis; SSI, surgical site infection.