Table 1


EnrolledCompleted PSSI-5Level II trauma
activations (with ISS)
Gender (%)M: 63.1, F: 36.9M: 61.0, F: 39.0M: 63.0, F: 37.0
Median age (years)585851
Mean age±SD (years)55.0±22.455.0±22.752.0±23
Race (%)
Ethnicity (%)
Mean ISS±SD11.68±6.8311.45±7.08 (collected for 55/59)10.21±7.72
Mechanism of injury (%)
 Motor vehicle collision42.742.436.4
 Pedestrian struck9.78.58.5
 Motorcycle collision5.88.56.3
 Bicycle ijury1.01.73.4
Proportion of patients with AIS score≥3 (by body region, %)*
 Upper extremity1.91.71.0
 Lower extremity19.418.612.2
 External and other0.00.00.0
  • *AIS scores: 1, minor; 2, moderate; 3, serious; 4, severe; 5, critical; 6, maximum.

  • AIS, Abbreviated Injury Scale; F, female; ISS, Injury Severity Score; M, male; PSSI-5, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Scale Interview for DSM-5.