Table 3

AUROC for outcomes using standard and revised GCS risk categories—validation set

Revised GCSDifferenceP value
Mortality, subsets
 Isolated TBI*586/17,5330.7140.766−0.052<0.001
 Not transferred4155/97,8190.7780.818−0.040<0.001
 Fall cause of injury2910/59,8600.7100.761−0.051<0.001
 Blunt mechanism4837/130,0980.7420.791−0.049<0.001
 Penetrating injury469/49860.8720.878−0.0060.136
Neurosurgical procedure9504/135,0840.6450.657−0.013<0.001
Unfavorable disposition37,563/135,0840.5890.648−0.059<0.001
  • Bolding denotes statistical significance with < 0.001.

  • *Isolated TBI defined by AIS scores ≤1 in non-head regions. AIS scores were only documented in the NTDB for 17.0% of patients.

  • AIS, Abbreviated Injury Scale; AUROC, area under the receiver operator characteristic curve; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; NTDB, National Trauma Data Bank; TBI, traumatic brain injury.