Table 1

Supply list for percutaneous tracheostomy

Surgical suppliesAnesthesia suppliesRespiratory therapist supplies
Sterile surgical glovesMedicationsVentilator circuit
Sterile surgical gownFiber-optic bronchoscopeIn-line ETCO2 monitor
Percutaneous dilation kitEndotracheal tube with stylet and backup tubeIn-line HEPA filter
Suction tubing
Two tracheostomies (No 6 or No 8 Shiley)Laryngoscope bladeBronchoscope adapter for ET tube
Ambu bag
Open tracheostomy kit*10 cc syringes
3/4 sterile drapePulse oximetry on loudest setting
Sterile saline flushesYankauer suction
3–0 nylon suture to secure tracheostomyLMA, bougie available in case emergent airway required
  • List of surgical and airway supplies required to perform percutaneous tracheostomy. Nylon suture used for single stitch to secure tracheostomy to skin at midline.

  • *Open tracheostomy kit to be available for backup if necessary.

  • ET, endotracheal; HEPA, high-efficiency particulate air; LMA, laryngeal mask airway.