Table 1

Categorization of trauma funding sources

Categories of trauma system fundingStatesPercentage of all statesState specific examples
General appropriationsAL, AR, CA, CT, IL, LA, MD, MN, MO, MS, NM, OR, PA, SC, TN, WI, WY34AR: House Bill (HB) 1168 benchmarks an appropriation of $25 899 450 for the Arkansas Trauma System.
Traffic violationsFL, GA, KY, MS, OK, TX, VA, WA16TX: Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC) §780.001 through 780.003 requires the Department of Public Safety to remit surcharges collected under the driver responsibility program (Texas Transportation Code §708) to the comptroller, who then must distribute 49.5% of the funds into the Trauma Facility and Emergency Medical Services Account.
Illegal drug citationsVA2VA: $50 fine that must be paid by persons with repeat convictions for drug and alcohol offenses, generating about $200 000 per year.
Bailed person feesOH2OH: §4513.263(E) requires that the trauma and emergency medical services fund be satisfied with monies from (1) “(a)pplication fees for certificates of accreditation, certificates of approval, certificates to teach, and certificates to practice”; funds from fees and fines assessed as part of the fire service training program; fees and fines assessed for operation of emergency medical, fire, transportation, and ambulance services; as well as “(f)orty-five per cent of the fines collected from or moneys arising from bail forfeited by persons apprehended or arrested by state highway patrol troopers…”.
CigarettesAZ, HI, MS, OK8MS: The legislature passed House Bill (HB)1511 in the 2017 Regular Session. This bill restored up to $7 023 197 of fees collected from moving violations to the trauma system, but will reduce spending on Trauma Fiscal Year 2018 Mississippi Trauma System of Care Plan.
Vehicle registrationsCA, CO, NE6CO: $1 surcharge on motor vehicle registrations to support emergency medical and trauma services state-wide.
No funding sourcesNY2NY: State does not provide trauma-specific funding.
UnknownAK, DE, ID, IN, IA, KS, ME, MA, MI, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NC, ND, RI, SD, UT, VT, WV40
  • AK, Alaska; AL, Alabama; AR, Arkansas; AZ, Arizona; CA, California; CO, Colorado; CT, Connecticut; DE, Delaware; FL, Florida; GA, Georgia; HI, Hawaii; IA, Iowa; ID, Idaho; IL, Illinois; IN, Indiana; KS, Kansas; KY, Kentucky; LA, Louisiana; MA, Massachusetts; MD, Maryland; ME, Maine; MI, Michigan; MN, Minnesota; MO, Missouri; MS, Mississippi; MT, Montana; NC, North Carolina; ND, North Dakota; NE, Nebraska; NH, New Hampshire; NJ, New Jersey; NM, New Mexico; NV, Nevada; NY, New York; OH, Ohio; OK, Oklahoma; OR, Oregon; PA, Pennsylvania; RI, Rhode Island; SC, South Carolina; SD, South Dakota; TN, Tennessee; TX, Texas; UT, Utah; VA, Virginia; VT, Vermont; WA, Washington; WI, Wisconsin; WV, West Virginia; WY, Wyoming.