Table 1

Baseline Characteristics of Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 (n=120)

 Age (years), median (IQR)12064 (17.5)
 Sex, male8066.7
 Chronic respiratory disease
  Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/asthma1210.0
  Obstructive sleep apnea75.8
  Body mass index >30 kg/m26150.8
  Body mass index >35 kg/m22621.7
 Cardiovascular disease
  Heart failure1310.8
  Coronary artery disease2117.5
  Myocardial infarction75.8
 Chronic kidney disease119.2
 End-stage renal disease requiring dialysis21.7
 Rheumatologic disease75.8
 Cognitive disability1613.3
Signs and symptoms
 Shortness of breath7562.5
Previous presentation4940.8
 Primary care provider2722.5
 Emergency department1210.0
 Hospital admission108.3
Exposure to COVID-19
 Travel to high-risk area43.3
 Family member with COVID-191512.5
 Healthcare-related exposure43.3
 Group home97.5
 Nursing home1613.3
  • *Race and ethnicity data were collected by self-report.

  • †Comorbidities listed were medical diagnoses included in the medical history defined by ICD-10 coding.