Table 4

Outcomes for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19

Outcome of
ICU patients with COVID-19
Age group (years)All patients (n=120)
Length of ICU stay (days) (IQR)988.588.5 (9)
Length of hospital stay (days)151514.51514.5 (13)
Still hospitalized (discharged from ICU)12418 (6.7%)
Discharged from hospital12027048 (40%)
 Discharged on oxygen13610
 30-day readmission0112
Required invasive
mechanical ventilation (IMV)
434548100 (83.3%)
 IMV at admission11222136 (36%)
 Hospital days prior to IMV, median*
 IMV days, median8.
 Died after IMV3 (75%)19 (55.9%)32 (59.3%)8 (100%)62 (62%)
Mortality3 (60%)19 (46.3%)33 (51.5%)9 (90%)64 (53.3%)
 Died with DNI (never received IMV)00112
 Died with DNR21329852
 Died with comfort care1917633
Died with severe ARDS, n=8131717754
Died with moderate ARDS, n=281528
  • *Median number of hospital days prior to ventilation, calculated among those that did not require ventilation at admission.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; DNI, do not intubate; DNR, do not resuscitate; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome.