Table 5

Multivariable logistic regression analysis with obstructive sleep apnea as the predictor for pulmonary complications in pelvic/lower limb injuries operations

OutcomesAdjusted OR95% CIP value
Ventilatory support1.37*1.24 to 1.51<0.0001
Respiratory failure1.90*1.74 to 2.06<0.0001
Pulmonary embolism1.40*1.15 to 1.700.0008
Acute respiratory distress syndrome1.36*1.23 to 1.52<0.0001
Ventilator-associated pneumonia1.050.85 to 1.300.6276
  • Adjusted for age, sex, race, pulmonary circulatory disease, chronic lung disease, and obesity.

  • *Denote statistically significant numbers (p<0.01).