Table 4

Risk factor OR estimates of in-hospital mortality from unadjusted and adjusted logistic regression analyses

OR95% CIOR95% CI
Abdominal injury
 Adrenal gland injury0.830.56 to 1.240.620.37 to 1.04
 No adrenal gland injury (ref)
Age1.021.01 to 1.02*1.051.05 to 1.06*
 Male0.990.81 to 1.22
 Female (ref)
Mechanism of injury
 Motor vehicle traffic3.702.36 to 5.79*1.320.76 to 2.27
 Fall1.961.20 to 3.22*0.950.52 to 1.73
 Other (ref)†
Injury Severity Score1.101.09 to 1.11*1.071.06 to 1.08*
Revised Trauma Score0.510.48 to 0.53*0.560.53 to 0.60*
Pulse rate at admission
 >100 bpm2.021.60 to 2.54*1.501.13 to 2.01*
 <60 bpm16.0412.01 to 21.41*4.622.91 to 7.34*
 60–100 bpm (ref)
Model performance statistics
 H-L GOF p value0.0655
  • **P<0.05.

  • †“Other” category includes: machinery; pedal cyclist, other; pedestrian, other; struck by, against; transport, other.

  • ‡2LogL value from unadjusted logistic regression model containing adrenal injury as predictor variable.

  • bpm, beats per minute; H-L GOF, Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit; −2LogL, −2 Log likelihood statistic; ref, reference category.