Table 5

Multivariable logistic regression of effect on new or progressive MODS and in-hospital mortality

OR95% CIP value
Development of new or progressive MODS
 ATC2.72.1 to 3.4<0.001
 Arterial hypotension3.11.4 to 7.10.007
 ISS ≥304.61.8 to 11.50.001
In-hospital mortality
 ATC4.22.4 to 7.2<0.001
 Arterial hypotension5.41.8 to 16.20.003
 ISS ≥304.91.7 to 14.30.004
  • ATC is defined by an INR ≥1.3

  • ATC, acute traumatic coagulopathy; CI, confidence interval; INR, international normalized ratio; ISS, injury severity score; MODS, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; OR, odds ratio.