Table 1

Demographic comparisons of patients with splenic injuries

No interventionUrgent or unplanned
OR/IR for liver or spleen injury*
P value†
Shock index0.80±0.230.84±0.230.4
Admission Hb (mg/dL)12.8±1.611.9±2.30.06
Liver grade2.2±1.23±1.30.07
Spleen grade2±1.13.5±1.4<0.001
No of Hbs drawn9.2±8.110±8.40.69
Change in Hb3.7±2.53.5±2.30.71
Units transfused1±23±60.09
ICU LOS4.64±7.35.9±6.80.42
Hospital LOS8.4±7.38.7±6.80.92
  • *20 patients underwent emergent exploratory laparotomy, 15 underwent emergent angiography, 3 patients underwent exploratory laparotomy with planned IR afterwards.

  • †P value results from Student’s t-test for continuous variables and Pearson’s χ2 for categorical variables.

  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; ICU, intensive care unit; ISS, injury severity score; LOS, length of stay.