Table 1

Baseline prognostic factors of patients with mild TBI categorized by brain CT scan results

CharacteristicsCT positive
CT negative
P value
Age (mean±SD)46.3±24.154.9±25.0<0.001
Admission systolic blood pressure (mean±SD)125.3±34.8110.1±28.80.225
ED triage level
 Level 1143.1%91.7%0.416
 Level 224754.3%21139.5%
 Level 318640.9%29655.4%
 Level 471.5%173.2%
 Level 510.2%10.2%
Type of injury
 Motorcycle crash23751.4%13725.5%<0.001
 Motor vehicle crash316.7%234.3%0.094
 Blunt object245.2%264.8%0.884
Laboratory results*
 Platelet (×103)222.6836.8243.2119.20.088
Type of TBI
 Brain contusion7215.6%
Hospital stay (days)4.5±6.92.7±3.1<0.001
  • *Laboratory results: platelet concentration and INR reported as mean and SD.

  • ED, emergency department; EDH, epidural hematoma; INR, international normalized ratio; IPH, intraparenchymal hemorrhage; SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; SDH, subdural hematoma; TBI, traumatic brain injury.