Table 1

Individual patient demographics and injury characteristics at time of interview

Patient codeAge range (years)SexEmploymentRelationshipIncome (US$)Mechanism of injuryPrimary injury
155–64MDisabledSingle50–100 000Self-harmNA
235–44MFull timeMarried>250 000Bicycle crashTBI
325–34FFull timeSingle50–100 000Fall from heightSCI
425–34MFull timeSingle50–100 000MVCSCI
525–34MPart timeSingle20–50 000MCCPolytrauma—abdominal, rib Fx
619–24MPart timeCommitted relationshipMVCTBI
725–34FUnemployedSingle<10 000Peds vs autoTBI
855–64MRetiredMarried100–250 000Bicycle crashPolytrauma—TBI, MSK
955–64MFull timeMarried100–250 000Fall from heightPolytrauma—vertebral Fx, rib Fx
1045–54MFull timeMarried>250 000Bicycle crashPolytrauma—rib Fx, MSK
1155–64MFull timeSingle50–100 000MCCPolytrauma—rib Fx, vertebral Fx, MSK
1255–64MFull timeMarried>250 000MCCTBI
1355–64MRetiredSeparated50–100 000Bicycle crashPolytrauma—rib Fx, TBI, MSK
14>65MRetiredCommitted relationship100–250 000Ground-level fallTBI
1545–54MDisabledSingleFall from heightSCI
  • F, female; Fx, fracture; M, male; MCC, motorcycle crash; MSK, musculoskeletal; MVC, motor vehicle crash; NA, not available; SCI, spinal cord injury; TBI, traumatic brain injury.