Table 4

Parameter estimates using the Lasso method and the corresponding effect on the OR when using TXA_noblank

Predictor variableVTEPulmonary embolismDeep vein thrombosis
Parameter estimateORParameter estimateORParameter estimateOR
Injury type: burn−0.8660.421−0.3150.7300.000
Mechanism of injury: knife/sharp object0.7302.0750.0001.8386.284
Service branch: navy−0.1330.875−0.1290.8790.000
AIS extremities0.0771.0800.1981.2190.000
Service branch: marine0.0371.0380.0000.000
Mechanism of injury: MVC0.0331.0340.7252.0650.000
Days in ICU0.0181.0180.0000.0071.007
AIS abdomen0.0161.0160.0131.0130.000
First 24 hours transfusion: platelets0.0141.0140.0000.0471.048
First 24 hours transfusion: whole blood−0.0080.992−0.0150.9850.000
Days in hospital0.0051.0050.0061.0060.0041.004
Service branch: air force0.0021.0020.0000.2191.245
Composite ISS0.0000.0000.000
First 24 hours transfusion: PRBC0.0000.0000.000
First 24 hours transfusion: cryoprecipitate0.0000.0000.000
First 24 hours transfusion: FFP0.0000.0000.0021.002
Estimated blood loss first 24 hours0.0000.0000.000
Injury year0.0000.0111.0110.000
Days on ventilator0.0000.0000.000
AIS head/neck0.0000.0000.000
AIS face0.0000.0000.000
AIS chest/thorax0.0000.0000.000
AIS skin0.0000.0000.0111.011
Service branch: army0.0000.000−0.2170.805
Mechanism of injury: bullet/GSW/firearm0.0000.000−0.0060.994
Mechanism of injury: crush0.0000.0000.2281.256
Mechanism of injury: explosive0.0000.0000.000
Mechanism of injury: helicopter crash0.0000.0000.000
Mechanism of injury: machinery/equipment0.0000.0000.000
Mechanism of injury: pedestrian0.0000.0000.000
Mechanism of injury: plane crash0.0000.0000.000
  • The variables are sorted by the magnitude of the parameter estimates for VTE.

  • FFP, fresh frozen plasma; GSW, gun shot wound; ICU, intensive care unit; ISS, injury severity score; MVC, motor vehicle crash; PRBC, packed red blood cell; TXA, tranexamic acid; VTE, venous thromboembolism.