Table 2

Pre-training and post-training alcohol brief intervention standardized patient role-play scenario descriptions and instructions

Scenario instructionsWe will be doing a brief 20-minute intervention role-play. I am going to give you a warning when we have a few minutes left for each role-play and if you feel comfortable giving a summary at that point to close out the session, you may do so.
I am a 21-year-old college woman named Angela. I was in a motor vehicle crash while driving home from a party. There was no blood alcohol test available, but I told the nurse I had been drinking. I have a left ankle fracture and a forehead laceration.I am a 29-year-old computer programmer named Elizabeth. I broke my arm and collarbone. My blood alcohol level was 160 mg/dL at admission.
You will pretend you are at bedside with me at a trauma center; your goal is to counsel me about alcohol. That is all the information about the patient I will give you to start, any other questions regarding the patient can occur during the role-play.
scenario details*
Patient engages in periodic binge episodes on weekends at parties; does not drink during the week.
Patient is committed to not driving after drinking and is willing to try counting her drinks at parties and/or consider other means of socializing or relaxing that do not include alcohol.
Patient drinks nearly every weekend; averages 3–6 drinks on a night when drinking.
Patient is willing to consider quitting drinking but without specific assistance; patient is not open to treatment programs or Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • *The standardized patient actor is trained to provide these extra details when asked relevant questions during the role-play by the provider.