Table 3

Predictors of survival to hospital discharge

PredictorSample sizeOR95% CIP value
Signs of life at trauma center8248.302.32 to 52.910.001
Receipt of tranexamic acid (TXA)7937.901.71 to 27.150.0001
Transfer to level I/II trauma center7936.612.02 to 18.940.000
Replacement of ≥1 hormone(s)8193.821.32 to 10.790.01
Units of platelets8011.661.16 to 2.210.001
Units of packed red blood cells8031.141.05 to 1.220.000
Systolic blood pressure7451.021.01 to 1.030.000
Injury Severity Score7690.550.23 to 0.760.01
Abbreviated Injury Scale6090.480.28 to 0.870.01