Table 1

Deceased patients showing aortic injury by blunt trauma

Age/sexMechanism of injuryTypes of Ao injuryAAST-OIS grade20Cause of death
41FFallStanford B dissectionIVMultiple organ injuries
35MHit by a 40 mph trainTotal transection of AoVIAo injury
77FPedestrian hit by a trackTotal transection of AoVIAo injury
74MFallTotal transection of AoVICardiac rupture
69MMotorbike collided by a carTotal transection of AoVIAo injury
55MFallAo ruptureVAo injury
67MFallAo ruptureVAo injury
69MPedestrian hit by a carAo ruptureVAo injury
39MFallTotal transection of AoVIAo injury
58FFallAo ruptureVAo injury
82MFallTotal transection of AoVIMultiple organ injuries
  • AAST-OIS, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma–Organ Injury Scale; Ao, aorta/aortic; mph, miles per hour.