Table 2

Alive on arrival at the hospital cases showing aortic injury by blunt trauma

Age/sexMechanism of injuryTypes of Ao injuryAAST-OIS grade20Other organ injuriesTreatmentPrognosis
74M**Fall from stairs, hit his chest 3 weeks beforeContained rupture of descending AoIVNoneTransferred to tertiary TCUnknown
39MFall from 5 feetPerforated descending AoIVOpen fracture of LEThoracotomyDied on the same day
79MFall from stairs, 15 stepsStanford B dissectionIVCervical FxBP controlD/c on 35th day
62FPedestrian hit by a taxiStanford A dissectionVBrain, pelvis, Fx of LEsTotal arch replacement on day 8D/c on 116th day
56MFall from standing, chest pain after 3 hoursStanford A dissectionVNoneAscending Ao replacement on day 1D/c on 116th day
72M††Fall from 17 feetStanford A dissectionVSpine FxsBP controlD/c on day 38
86MStruck by a carStanford B dissectionIVBrain, lung, pelvisBP controlD/c on day 38
72MFallStanford B dissectionIVNoneBP controlTransferred
  • * online supplementary figure 2

  • † online supplementary figure 1

  • AAST-OIS, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma–Organ Injury Scale; Ao, aorta/aortic; BP, blood pressure; D/c, discharge; Fx, fracture; LE, lower extremity; TC, trauma center.