Table 1

Clinical results of all patients in the D group and U group

D group
U group
P value
Age, years32.3±14.125.3±9.60.04
AO classification, B/C10/725/90.29
Open fracture6 (35.3%)4 (11.8%)0.05
Waiting period, days3.8±7.82.1±40.30
Infraisthmal fracture9 (52.9%)17 (50%)0.84
Nail diameter, mm10.8±1.410.1±1.30.10
Nail-to-femur ratio, %90.4±0.0590.3±0.030.95
Length of the third fragment, mm90.3±4677±40.80.30
Displacement of the third fragment, mm13.7±6.49±6.30.02
Open reduction6 (35.3%)7 (20.6%)0.26
Poller screws4 (23.5%)6 (17.6%)0.62
Dynamization7 (41.2%)13 (38.2%)0.84