Table 3

Multivariate analysis of separate RibScore components and development of complications

Adjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted p value
Rib fractures >61.19 (0.30 to 4.68)0.806
Severe rib fractures >30.62 (0.01 to 94.53)0.853
Flail chest0.82 (0.15 to 4.61)0.824
Bilateral rib fractures0.33 (0.09 to 1.23)0.097
First rib fracture1.83 (0.36 to 9.21)0.466
At least one fracture in three anatomic locations0.29 (0.07 to 1.13)0.074
  • Adjusting for: Injury Severity Score, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, head injury, face injury, pulmonary contusions, clavicular fracture, spine injury, abdominal injury, pelvic injury and pneumothorax.