Table 2

Logistic regression model performed to ascertain the effects of GCS score, age, gender, ISS, penetrating vs blunt injury and method of transportation (HemS vs ground ambulance) on the likelihood of mortality

VariableOdds95% CIP value
Helicopter transport0.430.41 to 0.44<0.0001
GCS score0.950.94 to 0.95<0.0001
Age1.0031.003 to 1.003<0.0001
Male gender1.0140.45 to 2.30.973
ISS1.0021.002 to 1.002<0.0001
Penetrating injury2.51.918 to 2.939<0.0001
  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; ISS, Injury Severity Score.