Lower extremityTQ+ (n=26)TQ− (n=26)P value
HR, mean (SEM), bpm106 (8)101 (5)NS
SBP, mean (SEM), mm Hg120 (7)132 (5)NS
Hematocrit, mean (SEM), %36.5 (1.6)38.7 (1.0)NS
Received transfusion in the first 24 hours, n (%)16 (62)20 (77)NS
pRBCs, mean (SEM), units5.5 (1.0)5 (2.0)NS
FFP, mean (SEM), units4.3 (0.9)3.4 (1.5)NS
Initial amputation, n (%)11 (42)4 (15)0.03
  • FFP, fresh frozen plasma; bpm, beats per minute; HR, heart rate; NS, not significant; pRBCs, packed red blood cells.SBP, systolic blood pressure; TQ−, without tourniquet placement; TQ+, with prehospital tourniquet;