Table 5

Provider correlation analysis

CRNA and resident
Crystalloid volume vs. pRBC0.073−0.0440.201
Crystalloid volume vs. time in OR0.641*0.580*0.576*
Crystalloid volume vs. EBL0.155*−0.0120.165
Crystalloid volume vs. RI0.191*0.0650.273
Crystalloid volume vs. number of crystalloids0.460*0.553*0.695*
% Normal saline vs. resuscitation parameters
% Lactated Ringer’s solution vs. resuscitation parameters
% Normosol vs. resuscitation parameters
  • Analysis by Pearson’s correlation coefficient.

  • r Value ≤0.35=weak correlation, 0.36–0.67=moderate correlation, ≥0.68=strong correlation.

  • *P<0.05.

  • CRNA, certified registered nurse anesthetist, EBL, estimated blood loss, OR, operating room, RI, resuscitation intensity; pRBC, packed red blood cells.