Table 2

Resuscitation markers

Patients requiring 0u pRBC
Patients requiring 1u–4u pRBC
Patients requiring ≥5u pRBC
 HR (bpm)91±18101±21*112±29*†
 SBP (mm Hg)134±21123±25*114±30*†
 pH (u)7.32±0.077.27±0.08*7.13±0.16*†
 BE (mmol/L)−3.2±3.7−5.5±3.9*−10.9±6.1*†
 Lactate (mmol/L)3.4±2.24.1±5.38.3±4.7*†
 Hct (%)38.1±5.633.1±6.2*32.3±7.0*
 GFR (mL/min/1.73 m2)81±2172±24*68±37*
 Required vasopressors, n (%)120 (51)92 (64)*58 (70)*
 Required >1 vasopressor, n (%)17 (7)27 (19)*28 (34)*
 Left OR on vasopressors, n (%)1 (0)2 (1)8 (10)*†
 HR (bpm)94±1996±19102±27*
 SBP (mm Hg)136±26132±26124±26*
 pH (u)7.29±0.067.31±0.057.33±0.09*
 BE (mmol/L)−3.6±2.8−3.4±2.8−1.3±4.8*†
 Lactate (mmol/L)2.5±1.32.8±1.75.1±4.7*†
 Hct (%)36.3±5.834.3±5.9*31.1±7.9*†
 GFR (mL/min/1.73 m2)95±2687±31*73±31*†
 Na+ (mmol/L)138±3139±4142±4*†
 Cl (mmol/L)107±3108±4106±4
  • All data expressed as mean±SD.

  • *P<0.05 vs. 0 pRBC.

  • †P<0.05 vs. 1–4 pRBC.

  • BE, base excess, bpm, beats per minute; Cl-, chloride; GFR, glomerular filtration rate, HR, heart rate, Hct, hematocrit, Na+, sodium, OR, operating room, SBP, systolic blood pressure, pRBC, packed red blood cells; u, unit.