Table 3

Cox regression analysis of risk factors associated with mortality in patients with severe pelvic fractures

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HR95% CIP valuesaHR95% CIP values
Age1.0121.001 to 1.0230.032*1.0161.004 to 1.0280.011*
Sex, male (reference)1.0001.000
 Female1.5981.068 to 2.3910.023*1.2520.816 to 1.9230.304
SBP at admission0.9780.974 to 0.983<0.001*0.9860.981 to 0.992<0.001*
GCS at admission0.820.785 to 0.856<0.001*0.8870.838 to 0.938<0.001*
Pelvic AIS2.9991.887 to 4.767<0.001*1.5360.887 to 2.660.125
Head AIS1.2501.127 to 1.387<0.001*1.0750.936 to 1.2350.309
Thorax AIS1.1651.036 to 1.3110.011*0.9810.825 to 1.1670.829
Abdomen AIS1.1260.997 to 1.2700.0551.1530.986 to 1.3480.075
ISS1.0421.028 to 1.056<0.001*1.0090.98 to 1.0390.533
Transfer, yes (reference)1.0001.000
 No2.2411.486 to 3.380<0.001*1.4850.93 to 2.470.097
Dataset, NTDB (reference)1.0001.000
 ATDB1.3210.868 to 2.0100.1941.5620.992 to 2.460.054
  • The p value of the time-dependent Cox regression analysis was 0.077, and the −2 log likelihood (-2LL) values were 908.894 for the model.

  • *Statistically significant (p<0.05).

  • aHR, adjusted HR; AIS, Abbreviated Injury Scale; ATDB, Ajou Trauma Data Bank; xGCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; xISS, Injury Severity Score; xNTDB, National Trauma Data Bank; xSBP, systolic blood pressure