Table 4

Indications transfer from intermediate to intensive care unit (ICU) per intermediate care unit (neurosurgical and mixed-surgical)

Indication ICU transfer, n (%)Total (n=38)Neuro (n=20)Surgical (n=18)
Postoperative20 (52.6)1010
Intubation due to respiratory deterioration7 (1.04)52
Intubation due to sepsis2 (0.30)11
Intubation for other reasons*6 (0.89)24
Respiratory support with non-invasive ventilation2 (0.30)11
Multiple vasopressive medication1 (0.15)10
  • *Atrial flutter, Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, combined respiratory and neurological deterioration, sedation to reduce the ICP, epileptic insult.