Table 1

Demographics and physiologic parameters of the study population

CharacteristicsED thoracotomy (n=2229)
Age, years (mean±SD)37.1±16.8
Men81.2 (n=1811)
Race, % (n)
 White42.3 (943)
 African-American36.3 (810)
 Others21.4 (476)
Hispanics13.5 (300)
Vital parameters
  SBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)61.8±59
  Heart rate, bpm (mean±SD)73.6±57
  SI, median (IQR)1 (0.68–1.33)
  Pulse <60 bpm, % (n)37.5 (836)
  SBP, mm Hg (mean±SD)73.4±58.2
  Heart rate, bpm (mean±SD)84.1±54.3
  SI, median (IQR)1 (0.68–1.37)
  Pulse <60 bpm, % (n)30.3 (676)
 SOL, % (n)81.4 (1814)
 Prehospital CPR36% (802)
 ED disposition, % (n)
  Died24.5 (547)
  Operating room68.4 (1525)
Injury parameters,
 Mechanism of injury, % (n)
  Penetrating56.3 (n=1254)
  GSW43.7 (n=975)
  Stab9.1 (n=279)
  Blunt43.7 (n=975)
 LOMI, % (n)
  Isolated thorax48.2 (1074)
  Isolated abdominal10.7 (239)
  Multiple injuries41.1 (916)
 Injury severity and pattern
  ISS, median (IQR)27 (9-75)
  ISS ≥16, % (n)66.4 (1481)
  Thoracic-AIS, median (IQR)3 (3-6)
  Abdominal-AIS, median (IQR)3 (3-5)
  Head-AIS, median (IQR)3 (3-5)
 Survival rate, % (n)9.6 (213)
  • AIS, Abbreviated Injury Scale Score; bpm,beats per minute; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ED, emergency department; EMS, emergency medical service; GSW, gunshot wound; ISS, Injury Severity Score; LOMI, location of major injury; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SI, Shock Index; SOL, signs of life.