Table 1

Demographics and clinical characteristics of trauma patients

% (n)MeanRangeSD
Age (years)40.818–9117.6
Gender (male)73.3% (210)
LOS (days)7.81–568.6
Total blunt trauma91.6% (264)
Total penetrating trauma8.3% (24)
Mortality7.64% (22)
Total dispatch to scene time (min)190–20712
Total scene time (min)430–6129
Total transport to hospital time (min)581–18040
  • *There was a strong positive linear correlation between HEMS on-scene time and mortality (R=0.962, p=0.038) (table 2 and figure 1). Additionally, a trend of higher mortality rates was also seen with longer dispatch times, however was not found to be statistically significant (table 3 and figure 2). Trauma patients with on-scene time lasting between 0 and 10 min had a lower mortality rate (3.9%) than patients with longer on-scene times. Patients with on-scene times lasting 31–59 min (9.8%) had the highest mortality. Overall, trauma patients with dispatch and on-scene times >10 min had higher mortality.

  • GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; ISS, Injury Severity Score; LOS, hospital length of stay.