Table 2

Data for trauma patients by triage group

Patient groupTrauma activations (TA)Trauma consults from EDTrauma resource upgraded to TATrauma resource admitted to trauma serviceTrauma resource admitted to non-trauma serviceTrauma resource discharged home
Mean age±SD in years47.2±22.257.0±23.850.6±32.460.4±23.7*70.8±21.947.4±24.7
% Male675840624862
% Falls35564052†82.544
Mean ISS±SD10.2±8.99.9±4.515.2±7.89.7±5.3NANA
Hospital LOS±SD in days4.7±7.84.2±4.14.4±4.43.4±1.63.1±3.70
Mortality28 (4.1%)2 (1.1%)01 (1.9%)NANA
Door to MD Eval time±SD in minutes0.4±1.49.4+131.0±2.211.5±15.1*5.9±7.76.3±9.7
Door to CT time±SD in minutes25.9±15.883.2±53.733.4+5.776.2±40.5*65.8±33.566.7±32.9
Time to disposition±SD in minutes132±7498±5974±3179±24*‡NANA
  • Door to physician Eval time is the time from arrival to ED to evaluation by a board certified ED physician or trauma surgeon

  • Door to CT time is the time from arrival to ED to the time CT performed.

  • Time to disposition is the time from trauma surgeon contact with patient until admission to Interventional Radiology, operating room, intensive care unit, step-down unit, or floor bed.

  • *Statistically significant difference compared with TA group, p<0.0001.

  • †Statistically significant difference compared with TA group, p=0.0166.

  • ‡Statistically significant difference compared with trauma consults from ED group, p=0.0242.

  • ED, emergency department; ISS, Injury Severity Score; LOS, length of stay; NA, not available.