Table 2


CPAP (n=67)T-piece/O2 cannula (n=78)p Value
Pretest vent mode APRV1 (1%)4 (5%)0.37
Pretest PaO2128±63130±670.93
Pretest P:F316±97331±1200.65
End-of-test P:F304±135250±1430.02
Post-test compliance (mL/cm H2O)41±1740±110.77
Length of test (min)11.1±2.210.4±2.40.052
Post-test vent mode APRV2 (3%)2 (3%)1.00
Next day P:F296±117297±1220.87
Authorization for organ donation47 (70%)57 (73%)0.70
Lungs transplanted (% of authorized donors)15 (32%)13 (23%)0.30
  • APRV, airway pressure release ventilation; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; FiO2, fraction of inspired oxygen; P:F, ratio of PaO2 to FiO2; PaO2, partial pressure of arterial oxygen.